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Thursday, May 13, 2021

A Miracle - ( Mucize Doktor ) Episode 38 - Turkish series with english Subtitles

In This Episode episode you will follow  

When Nazlı, who removed her father from her life, cannot find the consolation she was looking for in Ali, the two come to the brink of the biggest relationship crisis they have ever experienced. Ali begins to look for ways to remain unchanged for Nazlı, and in this process, everyone and everything he cares about moves away from him. First, an angry patient does not want his relative, Ali. Then Beliz, who tries to get used to Leyla, detains the baby for 48 hours. And Adil trembles with Ferda, who personalized his case by neglecting Ali. Ali, who gets stuck in the corner and pushes himself more and more, has only one question in mind: Is life a choice, as Nazlı said? Or does life choose some things for us? .



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