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Thursday, May 13, 2021

A Miracle - ( Mucize Doktor ) Episode 37 - Turkish series with english Subtitles

In This Episode episode you will follow  

Ali, who learns that he will be clear, is ready to make a new start. But when he learns that Ismet is not going, all his enthusiasm remains in his crop. Realizing what Ismet was up to, Demir, Azalea and Gunes started to press Ali to put an end to this work. On the other hand, the suspicious attitude of a patient family pushes Ferman to take extreme measures, and Ferda tries to return Adil to surgery with the help of Ali. As the cases quickly climb to their finals and secrets emerge one after the other, everyone is actually looking for the answer to one question: Is the human being good or bad in essence? Or is there a bit of both in all of us? .



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