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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

A Miracle - ( Mucize Doktor ) Episode 18 - Turkish series with english Subtitles

In This Episode episode you will follow  

Ali wants to share the funfair night he spent with Nazlı with Ferman, but Ferman is disturbed by Ali's uninvited sincerity; And when he catches the assistants slacking off, he decides to take everyone to the exam. On the other hand, the condition of the newly separated conjoined twins is rapidly deteriorating. While the assistants prepare for Ferman's exam on the one hand, while trying to find a solution to the situation of the twins, the mascot of the Surgery Department, Betüş, eight years old, may make her twentieth admission to the hospital. A close relationship quickly develops between them and Ali, and Ali wants to do his surgery personally. But first, he must pass the exam that Ferman makes it particularly difficult for him. Finally, in the twins case, all remedies run out, and the team faces a terrible choice: For one brother to survive, the other must die. But which one? Who can make this fatal decision? .



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