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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

A Miracle - ( Mucize Doktor ) Episode 15 - Turkish series with english Subtitles

In This Episode episode you will follow  

There are two innovations in Berhayat Hospital. First; The ball of the donation night, for which Kıvılcım carried out the preparations secretly from Beliz, came and came at the end. Latter; It is Doctor Ela who comes to the hospital to offer expertise in a specific case. Ali hesitates to join foreign people and does not want to come to the ball. But according to Kıvılcım's plan, Tanju forces Ali to come to the ball. On the other hand, Doctor Ela and Ferman quickly disagree about the case they undertook the treatment and competition begins between them. While the preparations for the prom night continue at full speed, the people of the hospital look for someone they can go to the night with; lovers confront, some hearts break. And in the midst of all that confusion, Ali loses his brother's scalpel. A hidden danger awaits him on prom night, and it is impossible for Ali to get over it without his scalpel. .



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