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Sunday, January 31, 2021

YOU KNOCK ON MY DOOR - Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 29 full with english subtitles

In this episode you will follow

Serkan's plane disappears on its way to Italy on business. Eda collapses on the ground in her wedding dress. Everyone gathered for the wedding is in awe and fear. It is certain that the plane crashed, but Serkan is not there. After the accident, the painful days of waiting for good news from Serkan for Eda begin. Serkan's loss has caused deep wounds in everyone's lives. In his absence, Eda, Serkan's friends and Aydan are also in wonder and pain. By supporting each other, they both try to maintain their private lives and continue their work in Artlife Architecture without interruption. Finally, Serkan returns. Besides, with someone familiar. He is in good health, but much has changed in his life over the course of time. These changes deeply shake Eda. While people are shocked, Eda is determined to resist this change.


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