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Sunday, January 10, 2021

YOU KNOCK ON MY DOOR - Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 26 full with english subtitles

In this episode you will follow

Seymen is ready to do whatever it takes to get Eda. Semiha Hanım and Balca, who secretly collaborated with her in the company, try to help her. Eda, who is unaware of Seymen's bad intentions on the one hand, and Serkan, who is unaware of Balca's malicious intent, on the other hand, are unaware of how open they are to making mistakes. They begin to make moves that will break each other's hearts and unwittingly make them jealous. Ayfer and Aydan; Now he struggles to get closer to Chief Alexander, trying to bypass each other. Not aware of the competition for him, Alexander continues to be equidistant from both lovely ladies. In Engin Pırıl's marriage, Pırıl's father seems to cause problems. The tension between Serkan and Eda eventually causes a big explosion when neither of them expected. A spark caused the tension between them to ignite. What happens next will cause their lives to be thrown to a point they never expected.


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