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Sunday, November 22, 2020

YOU KNOCK ON MY DOOR - Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 19 full with english subtitles

In this episode you will follow

Eda and Serkan's recent discussions ended with Eda telling Serkan that she would now meet with other people. Serkan feels resentful that Eda can forget him so quickly, and on the other hand, he feels doomed to pay for the mistake his father did not own. He thinks Eda will slip away forever. The flower that comes to Eda from a mysterious man becomes the salt of the business. Years are pursuing Eda to talk and tell him about the previous accident, the name behind the death of Eda's parents. What Serkan wants to tell Eda is difficult enough, and how he learned them is also important. Serkan wants to create an environment where they can stay alone and talk at length, where no one will disturb them. On the morning of the night they spent together, a bad surprise awaits Eda with Selin's arrival at Serkan's house. What will Eda decide after learning the truth? Will love overcome everything?


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