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Monday, November 2, 2020

Early Bird (Erkenci kuş) Episode 28 full english subtitle - Turkish series with English subtitles

Early Bird Summary:

When Sanem learns that Can and Ceyda are together at the bar, she does not sleep. He thinks they will go to the chalet together and sets off. Hiding aside, Sanem begins to wait for Can. His prediction is wrong, Can comes home alone and realizes that Sanem is hiding, and this situation does not like it. Meanwhile, those in the agency are working for the Red mode campaign, this is very important for Can, but Aylin's mind has other plans. On the one hand, there is a rush of words in the neighborhood. Osman has started preparations to ask Leyla.

Production: Gold Film
Producer: Faruk Turgut
Director: Çağrı Bayrak
Screenplay: Ayşe Kutlu Üner

Sanem Aydin: Demet Ozdemir
Can Divit: Can Yaman
Leyla Aydin: Oznur Serçeler
Position Aydin: Özlem Tokaslan
Nihat Aydin: Berat Yenilmez
Emre Divit: Birand Tunca
Aylin Yüksel: Sevcan Yaşar
Ayhan Işık: Ceren Taşçı
Muzaffer Kaya (Zebercet): Cihan Ercan
Deren Keskin: Tuğçe Kumral
Cengiz Özdemir (Ceycey): Anıl Çelik
Guliz Yildirim: Sibel Fat
Osman Işık: Ali Yağcı


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