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Thursday, October 22, 2020

YOU KNOCK ON MY DOOR - Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 15 full with english subtitles

In this episode you will follow

Eda is destroyed when Serkan leaves her. He decides to go to Italy and complete his education. But this time, he learns that the grantor of the Italian scholarship is his grandmother and his aunt's intermediary. He is also at odds with his aunt. He will no longer allow anyone to interfere with his life. Learning that Eda will not come to work, Efe offers him a job. He will only be able to work under him and have no relationship with Serkan Bolat. Eda first thinks that she cannot do it by seeing him every day in the same building as Serkan. But then he remembers his decision: He will determine the course of his life himself, regardless of anyone. It accepts Efe's offer. Serkan, who thinks that he has removed Eda from his life, goes crazy when he sees Eda, who started working at his workplace. But he cannot do anything because he is an employee of Efe. A cold war begins between Eda Serkan. Those in the office are also confused. While Eda gets her sweet revenge, she infuriates Serkan


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