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Thursday, October 15, 2020

YOU KNOCK ON MY DOOR - Sen Cal Kapimi Episode 14 full with english subtitles

In this episode you will follow

Eda explains to her aunt and friends that Serkan will go to Italy with her. He is very happy, very in love and excited. Serkan learns about her family's connection with Eda's family. He says "This is my responsibility, nothing can separate me from Eda" and opposes his family. He wants to be more attached to Eda, postpone the work and spend a day alone with Eda. While living their love with Eda, in the absence of Serkan in the office, the programs are disrupted, Leyla gets crazy from the phone traffic, and the people in the office are in panic. Efe's help to Selin in this environment and his desire to put things in order will drive Serkan crazy..


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