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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Cukur with English subtitles (Cukur ) - Episode 5 Full [ Season 4 ] Turkish series with English subtitles

In this episode you will follow  

Having learned that Yamaç is the man of Genghis, Cumali will not stand idly by and will attack the Erdenets with all the power of Çukur to punish him. The pits will hit the Erdenets in their own way at unexpected moments. Realizing that if this does not stop the war, they will be dragged into destruction, Slope will make a move to solve the problem from the root. While Yamaç is planning a plan with Vartolu to achieve this goal, Makbule will find himself a powerful ally and take action to kill Yamaç. Cumali, who is trying to fix the cemetery in the neighborhood, will unwittingly open a curtain of mystery. As the struggle between Çukur and Erdenets is getting hotter, the results of the game to be established by Yamaç and Vartolu will be expected with curiosity..
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